Web-based Learning Modules (archived audio/video conferences) on Manure Management Issues

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Air Quality Topics:

Odor Footprint Tool: Odor Impact Assessment and Setback Estimation

Update on Livestock Air Quality Issues

Archived Land Application Training Webcasts:

2012 Webcast

Handouts for 2012 Webcasts


2010 Webcasts

Handouts for 2010 Webcasts

Environmental Planning / Emerging Pollutants Topics:

Hormones from Animal Feeding Operations and Water Quality

Feed Management Topics:

Utilization of Byproducts by Growing and Finishing Cattle

Tools for Integrating a Feed Program into NMP or CNMP

Manure Nutrient Management Topics:

New evidence suggests little carbon sequestration in no-till systems and the effect of compost application and plowing on phosphorus runoff.

The effect of compost application and plowing on phosphorus runoff

Ammonia N loss from surface applied manure (panel discussion)

Swine manure on alfalfa and soybeans

Considerations when applying effluent through center pivot equipment 

Nutrient Planning Topics:

Using the New ASABE Manure Excretion Standard in Nutrient Planning

Policy and RegulationsTopics:

NDEQ CAFO Regulations; Records for NPDES Permit