Treated Water

Drinking Water

The drinking water section provides information and resources on proper drinking water well design and construction, protecting your drinking water source, drinking water quality, water testing and treatment, bottled water regulations, emergency drinking water supplies, and water use and conservation.

Experts in Extension at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln are also available to work with you with your water questions.

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Well & Wellhead Management

Nebraska is blessed with abundant groundwater that is generally of good quality. Groundwater is water that fills the openings or pore spaces in sand, gravel, and rock formations.  An aquifer is a formation containing a usable amount of water.  Groundwater from aquifers is a major source of water in Nebraska, and wells are used to access groundwater.

Groundwater is a vital source for agricultural irrigation and for drinking water.

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Wastewater- Domestic Sewage

Extension at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln is actively involved in programming that helps homeowners, industry, and youth audiences understand onsite wastewater treatment systems for handling domestic sewage. Resources within the Wastewater pages include educational materials on wastewater, residential lagoons, and septic systems.

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