Nebraska Agricultural Water Management Network (NAWMN)

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Nebraska Agricultural Water Management Network (NAWMN)

The Nebraska Agricultural Water Management Network (NAWMN) project is designed to enable technology implementation in production fields to enhance agricultural water and crop production efficiency. The Network brings together groweres, UNL Extension, NRDs, NRCS, and crop consultants, and other interested partners to work on adoption of water and energy conservation practices. The Network functions are based on scientific research conducted by Professor Suat Irmak ( in different locations for different cropping systems. 

Project Leader: Dr. Suat Irmak (Email:; Phone: 402-472-4865)

Key contributors: 
Jenny Rees (Email:; Phone: 402-362-5508)
Aaron Nygren (Email:; Phone: 402-352-3821)
Randy Pryor (Email:; Phone: 402-821-2151)
Brandy VanDeWalle (Email:; Phone: 402-759-3712)
Gary Zoubek 

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Extension Publications

NAWMN Weekly Data Collection Form

Using Modified Atmometers (ETgage®) for Irrigation Management
Describes the atmometer (evapotranspiration gauge) and explains how it can be used for irrigation scheduling. Examples are provided to show how information collected with an atmometer can be used to estimate crop water use for corn and soybean.
PDF version (975 KB)

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Project Background

The Nebraska Ag Water Management Network (NAWMN, Irmak (2005)) project is designed for encouraging the adoption of newer technologies that will enable farmers to use water and energy resources associated with irrigated crop production efficiently.

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NAWMN Partners and Contacts

A full list of NAWMN Project contacts in Nebraska Extension as well as NAWMN Project partner contacts.

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CropWater App for Irrigation Management

The CropWater App is one of the earliest irrigation management apps developed many years ago and its functions are based on the research conducted by Dr. Suat Irmak. It is a product of our efforts in the NAWMN to enhance technology implementation in agricultural production.

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