Web-based Learning Modules (archived audio/video conferences) on Manure Management Issues

Presentations from the 2014 Nebraska Manure Demonstration Day:
Managing What We Can't See in Manure

Intro to Manure Microbiology

Antimicrobial Resistant Bacteria and the Environment

Antimicrobial Resistant Bacteria and Food Safety

Large Animal Composting

Manure Runoff Management for Small Open Lots

Managing Manure to Avoid Spreading PEDV

Connecting Manure and Fields

Soil Health: Why does it matter and how do we measure it?

Manure vs. Commercial Fertilizer: Can soil and crops tell the difference?

The Multiple Values of Manure

Vegetative Treatment Systems: Alternatives in Nebraska

Volatilization Losses from Sprinkler Applied Nitrogen

Strategies for Phosphorus Management on Cropland

Archived Land Application Training Webcasts:

2012 Webcast

Handouts for 2012 Webcasts


2010 Webcasts

Handouts for 2010 Webcasts

Air Quality Topics:

Odor Footprint Tool: Odor Impact Assessment and Setback Estimation

Update on Livestock Air Quality Issues

Environmental Planning / Emerging Pollutants Topics:

Hormones from Animal Feeding Operations and Water Quality

Feed Management Topics:

Utilization of Byproducts by Growing and Finishing Cattle

Tools for Integrating a Feed Program into NMP or CNMP

Manure Nutrient Management Topics:

New evidence suggests little carbon sequestration in no-till systems and the effect of compost application and plowing on phosphorus runoff.

The effect of compost application and plowing on phosphorus runoff

Ammonia N loss from surface applied manure (panel discussion)

Swine manure on alfalfa and soybeans

Considerations when applying effluent through center pivot equipment 

Nutrient Planning Topics:

Using the New ASABE Manure Excretion Standard in Nutrient Planning

Policy and Regulations Topics:

NDEQ CAFO Regulations; Records for NPDES Permit

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