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March 2014

Online Chemigation Training Available

Previously certified chemigators can become recertified by participating in the training program online, although the test must be completed at a specified UNL Extension Office. The program consists of a registration section, nine chapters of printed material with video clips, training manual and calibration workbook, internet links to equipment distributors, and a testing site. The online training program can be completed at one sitting or over a period of time but producers should not initiate the training program until after January 1 of the year their certification is due to expire. For more information about chemigation training programs contact Bill Kranz at (402) 584-3857 or wkranz1@unl.edu.

UNL Extension Irrigation and Soils Courses Online

University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension provides two online short courses on irrigation and soils at UNL Marketplace.

Smartphone App Keeps Farmers and Ranchers in the Know

A new University of Nebraska-Lincoln smartphone app helps agricultural producers track key temperatures. Read more about this app.

About this UNL Water Site

collage of water photos From a child’s plea of “Mom, I’m t-h-i-r-s-t-y” while trying to stall bedtime to irrigating crops more efficiently, from protecting our lakes and ponds for future generations to wastewater treatment, water is an integral part of daily life.

Although water often is referred to as Nebraska’s most important natural resource, it is a resource that often is taken for granted. And sometimes it’s not managed as well as it should be. University of Nebraska–Lincoln research, extension, and teaching experts from many water-related disciplines are developing this water web site to help you learn about — and develop a greater appreciation of — water.

Water.unl.edu focuses on both quality and quantity of water. It encompasses the day-in-day-out use of water as well as the development and maintenance of agricultural and urban systems that assure safe, adequate water will be available for your family and future generations.

The site is organized to enable you to immediately find information specific to your interest, whether you’re a crop or livestock producer, landscaper, well driller, wastewater professional, current or prospective student, city dweller, rural resident or have another reason for learning about water.

The unbiased, research-based information on this site will help you better manage water for its many uses.

A faculty and staff expertise directory enables you to search for UNL faculty and staff by specialization, key word or, if you are looking for a specific person, by first or last name.

You also will find a water-related research database. In addition, there are links to interactive tools, publications and other information, as well as links to other key university Web sites.