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Managing Water for Crop Production

The production of crops is the heart of Nebraska's economy. Thus Nebraska's economy relies on a plentiful supply of water to produce crops, in both rainfed and irrigated environments. Producing crops will impact either water supply or water quality issues - or both.

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Agricultural Irrigation

Agricultural water users can optimize water use efficiency and protect the quality of water resources by applying basic information about irrigation systems, crop water use and management practices.

An understanding of the following impact areas can serve as a foundation for applying water and irrigation management:

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Livestock Manure Management

Animal production is a vital part of Nebraska's economy. It serves an important role in sustainable agriculture.

Unfortunately animal manure can negatively impact water and air quality if not handled properly. Our educational programs and materials provide science-based information on economically viable, environmentally sound manure handling systems that also comply with all regulations. Providing resources to help protect water quality is a priority for UNL Extension.

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Drought is a recurring feature of nearly every climate on the planet. In many parts of the world, including North America, we have very little ability to predict exactly when drought will happen next. But if we look at history and climate data, we can be sure that drought will happen again at some point.

In the United States, a well-developed economy and agricultural system generally protect citizens from the most critical effects of drought such as shortages of food and water. However, drought still can cause extreme hardship for farm and ranch families.

University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension manages a website for help in dealing with drought in the region.
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