Demonstration Projects

Ag Water Demonstration Network-atmometersThe following projects from across the state represent the many studies done in Nebraska on water quantity and quality issues. Demonstration projects show how best management practices (BMPs) can make a difference in water quantity and quality. The projects range from watershed management and nitrates in groundwater, to erosion and water savings. Clicking on the links will take you to further information or to the home site of the project.

Duck Creek Project A watershed project in Saunders County. Duck Creek is a tributary of Sand Creek which will be the primary water source for Lake Wanahoo.  This project implements many practices to stop erosion and contamination. A farmer to farmer concept is being used to introduce BMPs (i.e., word of mouth).

Nebraska Ag Water Management Network Highlights from several water quantity on-farm plots. Water savings and profitability shown from center pivots making one less turn. Water usage, or evapotranspiration (ET) rates listed.

Milo fieldNebraska Soybean and Feed Grains Profitability Project Numerous on-farm research projects from southeast Nebraska are documented in this project.

Northeast Nebraska Project Demonstration Plots conducted in NE Nebraska on nitrogen and water management along with the Bureau of Reclamation. Sandy-soil sites are also studied for soybean credit of N to the subsequent corn crop.

Platte Valley Nitrogen & Irrigation Management Demonstration Project Nitrogen in groundwater as well as residual soil nitrate data is summarized from several hundred demonstrations, starting from 1984. All the demonstration sites are on-farm plots with cooperators.

Pumpkin Creek Project Demonstration of water savings in an area in which a court-imposed water limit is in effect. Cooperators utilize BMPs to grow crops with less water.

Quad-Counties On-Farm Research Project This effort in south-central Nebraska links producers and their advisors with University of Nebraska faculty in conducting on-farm research.

Shell Creek Project  The Shell Creek watershed utilizes BMPs no-till, buffer strips, conservation reserve and dams for restoration of this watershed. Many agencies have assisted in the funding of the project: Natural Resource Conservation Service; Lower Platte North NRD; PrairieLand RC&D; Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality.

Information presented on the crop production demonstration project section of this Water Web site has been reviewed by University of Nebraska - Lincoln Cropping Systems Team members Richard Ferguson, Dean Krull and Darrel Siekman.

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