2015 Pond/Lake Management Workshops

Lincoln Workshop:  March 4 | Lower Platte South NRD, 3125 Portia

Registration for this workshop has closed.

Grand Island Workshop:  March 12 | College Park at Grand Island

Thanks again to the Hall County Extension office for making it possible to open registration to a larger group!

Omaha Workshop: March 18 | Nebraska Extension Office, 8015 W. Center

Have you ever experienced an algae bloom?  Fish kill? Murky water? Or do you just want to know what's going on in a lake or pond?

Nebraska Extension, Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality,  Nebraska Game and Parks, and the Lower Platte South NRD will present a lake/pond management introductory workshop.  This workshop is free and open to everyone who makes pond/lake management decision or anyone who just wants to learn more.  There is no cost to attend this workshop, but pre-registration is required.

Workshop topics include:
  • How lakes function in Southeast Nebraska characteristics and challenges
  • Managing for fisheries
  • Project funding and regulations
  • Lake management planning
  • Resolving Common Maintenance Problems (Algae, leaks, undesirable fish, fish kills, clarity, erosion, nuisance animals)
  • Develop an individualized maintenance plan for your pond

Register here: water.unl.edu/pond/lake-workshops


Can Chlorovirus from algae move to humans?

The DNA of a virus usually only found in algae may be able to infect humans as well, according to a study from researchers at UNL and Johns Hopkins.