Stormwater Management

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2017 Spring Stormwater Symposium

March 8, 2017



The 2017 Spring Stormwater Symposium brings together professionals from both public and private sectors to learn from local, regional and national experts. The Symposium will focus on examples of stormwater program funding & management, and also dive deep into the life cycle of a successful stormwater management project from a team that made it happen.

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2016 Green Infrastructrue Tour - Summary

A big thank you to everyone who attended the 2016 Green Infrastructure Tour on September 15!  We had an amazing turnout - 93 people on two tour busses!  All of the handouts from yesterday's tour are available here:

Enjoy some of the pictures from the tour...

The Interactive Rain Garden

A rain garden is a beautiful and functional addition to your yard.  Beautiful because of the plants you grow, functional because it helps control stormwater runoff from your property.  Interact with the rain garden animation by clicking the picture below and check out what happens when you make it rain!  After you have viewed the animation, please come back and take a short (3 question) survey to give us your feedback.                                                     

What is Stormwater Management?

Check out the new Stormwater Management: What Stormwater Management Is and Why It Is Important NebGuide G2238 (2.2 MB)
Our newest NebGuide provides an overview of what stormwater is, what it means to manage stormwater, and why it is important to do so, and gives an overview of the changing practice of stormwater management.


Rain Barrel NebGuide

photo of first page of rainwater harvesting with rain barrels nebguide

Our newest NebGuide provides information about rain barrels and things to consider when harvesting rainwater using a rain barrel. 

Disconnecting Downspouts NebGuide

What does it mean to disconnect your downspout?  After rain hits your roof it enters your gutters and then a downspout.  Many downspouts are pointed to a sidewalk or the street to move water quickly.  However, by pointing your downspout onto a planted or grassed area, you can conserve water on site and improve water quality in your local lake or stream.

photo of Downspout Disconnection NebGuide

The Stormwater Sleuth Comic Book

photo of Running Rain character

The Stormwater Sleuth comic book Stormwater Sleuth and Running Rain: Keeping It Clean! Slowing It Down! is part of a youth education kit being developed by the university of Nebraska-LIncoln Stormwater Management Team.  The purpose is to teach youth across Nebraska about water resources with a focus on watersheds, urban water runoff isues, and rainwater harvesting/green infrastructure.  You can also download coloring pages here!