Resources for Manure Management

Assembling a Nutrient Management Plan

 Instruction and tools to assist with planning, creating and implementing a comprehensive nutrient management plan.

Manure Calibration Kits

 Kits available from local Extension offices around the state for help with calibrating a manure spreader.

Newsletters on Manure Management (archived)

 Good information on topics related to manure management from expert sources.

Odor Footprint Tool

Worksheet and spreadsheet tools and odor impact assessment; setback curves estimation for livestock facilities; web-based learning module.

Publications on Animal Manure Management by UNL Extension

 Nebguides, Nebfacts and other Extension publications on all aspects of manure management.

Software for Manure Management

 Software packages for free download to assist with manure nutrient management planning, manure value and other calculations.

Workbooks on Animal Manure Management

 Workbooks in Word or .pdf format for recording and implementing a comprehensive nutrient management plan.

Web-based learning modules (archived audio/video with PowerPoint® slides)

Topics include air quality, pollutants, feed management, manure nutrient management, nutrient planning, regulations including Land Application Training, and more. Uses Real player.

Heartland Regional Water Coord. Initiative Animal Manure Mgt. Site

LPELC (Livestock and Poultry Envirionmental  Learning Center) LPES Curriculum
Comprehensive lessons address animal feeding, manure storage, nutrient management, air quality, and animal mortality.

MWPS (Midwest Plan Document Service)
Research documents available on manure management.

Environmental Protection Agency

Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRC) on Nebraska CNMP

NRC on Agwaste

Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality (NDEQ)
Provides fact sheets & guidance documents.

Request an inspection for cow-calf backgrounders and/or ranch operations
An inspection may be required for your operation (LB 916 - loss of 90 day exemption). Fees are $100 for small AFO's (less than 299 head), $200 for medium AFO's 300-999 head) and $500 for large AFO's 1,000 head and larger. Include fee with applicaiton.