Center Pivots

Center pivot

Application Uniformity of In-Canopy Sprinklers, G1712
PDF version
Use of in-canopy sprinklers can reduce application uniformity and increase runoff. Learn how to evaluate the efficiency of in-canopy sprinklers.

Converting Center Pivot Sprinkler Packages: System Considerations, G1124
PDF version (706 KB; 4 pages)
Describes system-oriented factors that should be considered when changing sprinkler packages on a center pivot irrigation system.

Water Loss from Above-Canopy and In-Canopy Sprinklers, G1328
PDF version (621 MB; 2 pages)
In-canopy and above-canopy sprinklers are compared to determine which irrigation method minimizes water loss and reduces installation and operation costs.

Flow Control Devices for Center Pivot Irrigation Systems, G888
PDF version (741 KB; 3 pages)
Factors contributing to the need for spinkler flow rate regulators and how various regulators work.

Minimum Center Pivot Design Capacities in Nebraska, G1851
PDF version (670 KB; 4 pages)
Factors to consider in choosing an appropriate center pivot design are covered here.

Application of Liquid Animal Manures Using Center Pivot Irrigation Systems, EC778 (PDF - 1.60 MB; 13 pages)
Animal manure management practices are being scrutinized to ensure that the potential for environmental pollution is minimized. Manure from large and small production facilities must be distributed in a manner that limits the potential for surface runoff, deep percolation and drift to off-target areas.

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