Watering During Turf Establishment

Irrigating lawn with a sprinkler
If damage from voles, skunks, ice, cold temperatures or other factors have left your lawn a bit on the thin side, mid-spring is a good time to thicken up the stand. Likewise, if your landscape has a bare area due to construction or a major change, turf establishment is probably on the agenda. After the soil temperature has warmed to 50-55 degrees F for several days, been prepared with a power rake or core cultivator, the seeds dropped onto the bare soil or opened up turf stand and raked lightly with an upturned leaf rake, the next step is water to start the germination process.

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Antibiotic use on food animals and its effect on antimicrobial resistance spread and human health.

All food animal managers and pet owners have a role to plan in protecting medically important antimicrobial. Follow @i_AMResponsible on Twitter. Developed by: iAMResponsible.
Most people alive today have never known a world without antibiotics. Antibiotics became widely used to treat bacterial infections in the 1930s and ‘40s, and were quickly labeled a “miracle drug”. But, as widespread use of antibiotics evolved, so did the discovery of antibiotic resistant bacteria. And we have now entered an era where antibiotic resistance is considered one of the biggest worldwide public health challenges of our time.

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