“Applying Manure Management Concepts On-Farm” Programs in February and March

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The Animal Manure Management team is hosting “Applying Manure Management Concepts On-Farm” programs across the state. They begin on February 2nd in Norfolk and continue throughout February and into March. While these events have traditionally been targeted at livestock operations that are required to attend as part of their permit, the team has made huge progress the last several years in making the information in those programs very interactive and applied for anyone that uses manure. I encourage all crop farmers that use or are considering using manure to plan on attending. At the programs, you’ll discover how to determine which fields are the most economical for manure use and which fields can benefit the most from manure’s ability to improve soil health and water quality.

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UNL publications can help homeowners design and install a rain garden in their landscape

With time on your hands this winter you can dream about creating a beautiful and functional rain garden in your landscape this coming spring. A rain garden helps conserve water, reduce runoff pollution, and adds an aesthetic landscape feature to your home. You can do more than dream, you can use UNL Extension publication resources to design and install your rain garden.

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