Smart Gardening: Converting to No-Till for Home Gardeners

onion garden
I often hear from vegetable or flower gardeners who are unhappy with their soil quality. They routinely incorporate organic matter in the soil each fall, but are still disappointed with their heavy soil. Why aren’t they developing beautiful crumbly dark brown soil that’s easy to plant and great for vegetable root crops? Routinely tilling your garden soil each fall and spring could be the culprit.

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"$aving by Using Manure on Crops" Workshop Scheduled for November 30

Save Money by Using Manure on Crops Title Graphic
Don’t WASTE your time and money, learn to use manure nutrients effectively. Choosing to use manure instead of commercial fertilizer can be advantageous to your bottom line. In this workshop, we’ll discover how to value the fertilizer nutrients in manure so you know you are meeting crop needs while saving money at the fertilizer dealer. We’ll discuss which fields are best for manure and which might be better suited to commercial fertilizer.

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