Managing Animal Carcass Leachate to Prevent Water Pollution

PhD student Gustavo Castro shares some of the challenges of managing animal mortality in livestock production, focusing on routine and large-scale events due to disease outbreaks or natural disasters. This article discusses carcass disposal by burial, best practice for siting burial pits, prevention of groundwater contamination, and logistical challenges caused by large-scale mortality events.

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Fire Smart Landscaping

Fire on a fence in a neighborhood. Image courtesy of Sarah Browning

Wildfires were headline news in 2023, including the Lahaina, Hawaii fire and scores of fires across Canada and Nebraska. It’s comfortable to think a devastating wildfire can’t happen in your area, but it’s better to be aware of the possibility and be prepared. Learn the aspects of Fire Smart Landscaping including creating a defensible space, planning ahead for a fire event, and management of the surrounding landscapes to decrease potential fire damage.


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