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Chemigation is the practice of applying agrichemicals to cropland using an irrigation system to distribute both the water and chemical.

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The goal of the Nebraska Chemigation Act is to protect the groundwater and surface waters of Nebraska from contamination by fertilizers or pesticides. To accomplish this goal, the Act provided the legal requirements for the future use of chemigation as a means of nutrient or pesticide application.

The Nebraska Department of Environment Energy developed and implemented the rules and regulations necessary for irrigators to utilize the practice. Under the NDEE rules, Nebraska's Natural Resources Districts were given the responsibility to manage the chemigation permit component that ensures that proper safety equipment is present and functioning properly.

Certification program

The chemigation certification program is responsible for training Nebraska producers about the Nebraska Chemigation Act and the Rules and Regulations as developed by the NDEE. Certification applicants are required to attend a training program and pass an exam. The Act allowed the NDEE to contract with the University of Nebraska to deliver the training program.

The 2024 in-person trainings have ended. Here is the link to the 2024 training dates:

A chemigation applicator certification card will be issued to successful applicants by the NDEE. The certification expires on January 1, 4 years after it is issued. For example, certifications issued in 2011 will expire on January 1, 2015.

Online certification

Training for Initial and Recertifying Chemigators- the online training program covers all of the information presented at the in-person training events and uses the same test. It consists of a series of modules which contain text, video clips and calculators to provide chemigators with the necessary information to employ chemigation in an effective, efficient and environmentally safe manner while safeguarding farm workers involved in chemigation.

In order to complete your training, you need to study each chapter and complete any activity related to that module. Each module/activity is "locked" meaning you will not be able to proceed until completing the previous section. Please Note:  You must complete all video verfications for each Chapter (1-9) before the option to take the Chemigation test will appear.

Proceed to Nebraska Chemigation Training.

Online training help videos:

How to register for online training

Navigating online chemigation training

More information on requirements and contacts

A list of Nebraska certified applicators and the year their certifications will expire can be found on the NDEE website by selecting the 'Focus on Water', then clicking on Chemigation Applicator List.

For more information about Chemigation requirements in your area contact your local NRD.  If you have questions about the online training program, please contact the Extension Office for your county or contact Pesticide Safety Education Program at  (402-472-1632) or by email (

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