Am I Current with Inspections & Records?

Am I Current with Inspections & Records?

Documentation is critical to demonstration of a CAFO's compliance with regulations and good environmental stewardship. Records are especially important if a farm experiences a spill. A farm's ability to demonstrate continued good management prior to a spill will be an important consideration in determining liability and potential penalties.

Current regulations include multiple expectations for:

  1. on-farm inspections
  2. records
  3. annual reporting by the CAFO. (please make sure to read about new requirements for the annual report)

Sample forms for record keeping, inspections, and reporting can be found in the publication "Nutrient Management Plan: Records Checklist and Samples for Animal Feeding Operations" from Heartland Regional Water Coordination Initiative.

If you are a Permit Holder, invoices for annual fees are mailed out around February 1 and are due on March 1 of each year.

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