Contact the Manure Team

Contact the Manure Team

Leslie Johnson
AMM Project Coordinator
57905 866 RD
Concord, NE 68728

AMM Project Leadership Team

NameLocationPhone NumberArea of Expertise
Larry Howard Cuming County 402-372-6006

Beef Systems – Feedlot and Land Application

Leslie Johnson Northeast Research and Extension Center 402-584-3818

Website / Software issues / Record keeping and Regulations

Charles Shapiro Northeast Research and Extension Center 402-584-3803

Land Application / Nutrient Management

Charles Wortmann Agronomy and Horticulture 402-472-2909

Phosphorus Index / Nutrient and Soil Fertility Management

Amy Schmidt Biological Systems Engineering 402-472-0877 Manure Facility Design / Manure Handling and Land Application / Water Quality

AMM Project Partners

NameLocationPhone NumberArea of Expertise
Jeff Bradshaw Panhandle Research and Extension Center 308-632-1230 Entomology (Insects)
Jason Gross UNK campus 308-865-1594 Manure Facility Design / Feedlot Design / Livestock Producer Environmental Assistance Project (LPEAP)
Renee Hancock NRCS – Lincoln 402-437-4064 State Water Quality Specialist & TSP Coordinator
Blythe McAfee Dept. of Environmental Quality 402-471-4221 Regulations
Aaron Nygren Colfax County 402-352-3821 Cropping Systems / Nutrient Management
Crystal Powers Biological Systems Engineering 402-472-6340 Air and Water Quality / Climate Change
Steve Pritchard Boone-Nance Counties 402-395-2158 Beef Systems – Cow/Calf
Jenny Rees Clay County 402-762-3644 Cropping Systems
Rick Stowell Biological Systems Engineering 402-472-3912 Odor and Air Quality
Bruce Treffer Dawson County 308-324-5501 Beef Systems-Feedlot/cow-calf
Troy Walz Custer County 308-872-6831 Beef Systems – Cow/Calf

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