Contact the Manure Team

Leslie Johnson
AMM Project Coordinator
57905 866 RD
Concord, NE 68728

AMM Project Leadership Team

NameLocationPhone NumberArea of Expertise
Larry Howard Cuming County 402-372-6006

Beef Systems – Feedlot and Land Application

Javed Iqbal Agronomy and Horticulture 402-472-1432 Nutrient Management & Water Quality
Leslie Johnson Haskell Ag Lab 402-584-3818

Website / Software issues / Record keeping and Regulations

Rick Koelsch Biological Systems Engineering 402-472-3935 Manure Value / Manure Facility Design / Manure Handling and Land Application
Amy Schmidt Biological Systems Engineering 402-472-0877 Responsible Manure Management / Manure Handling and Application / Contaminant Fate and Transport / Mortality Management
Michael Sindelar Clay County 402-762-3644 Soil Health / Manure Management
Todd Whitney Phelps County 308-995-4222 Soil Improvement / Manure Management / Soil Microbial Research
Charles Wortmann Agronomy and Horticulture 402-472-2909

Phosphorus Index / Nutrient and Soil Fertility Management

AMM Project Partners

NameLocationPhone NumberArea of Expertise
Jeff Bradshaw Panhandle Research and Extension Center 308-632-1230 Entomology (Insects)
Renee Hancock NRCS – Lincoln 402-437-4064 State Water Quality Specialist & TSP Coordinator
Blythe McAfee Dept. of Environmental Quality 402-471-4221 Regulations
Bijesh Mahrjan Panhandle Research and Extension Center 308-632-1372 Char, Biochar / Long-term Manure Research / Soil and Nutrient Management
Aaron Nygren Colfax County 402-352-3821 Cropping Systems / Nutrient Management
Crystal Powers Nebraska Water Center 402-472-9549 Water Qualtiy / Nitrates
Jenny Rees York County 402-762-3644 Cropping Systems
Rick Stowell Biological Systems Engineering 402-472-3912 Odor and Air Quality
Bruce Treffer Dawson County 308-324-5501 Beef Systems-Feedlot/cow-calf
Troy Walz Custer County 308-872-6831 Beef Systems – Cow/Calf

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