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Custom Manure Application

Custom Manure Application

Custom Manure Applicators are becoming more commonly used by livestock producers in the state of Nebraska. While the regulations in Nebraska do not restrict the use of custom applicators or the methods that they employ, it is in their best interest to apply manure in accordance with the permit holder's nutrient management plan. It is, however, the responsibility of the permit holder (livestock producer) to make sure that happens. Custom manure applicators operating in Nebraska are not required to have any manure management training comparable to that required of permitted livestock operations, so they may not know the regulations that the livestock operation must follow.

One of the big concerns with using a custom manure applicator is the potential for disease transport due to them being on multiple livestock operations, as compared to if a livestock producer were to apply the manure their animals have produced. See the biosecurity section to determine proper lines of separation and consider those lines on all livestock operations.

Resources that might be of interest as a custom manure applicator include:

Connect with the manure experts you need, including custom applicators that transport and/or apply manure in Nebraska, through the Manure App.*

*If you are a custom applicator and would like to be included in this or need your information updated, please contact Leslie Johnson.

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