Demonstration Projects

If you are having difficulty viewing these files, right click on the link below and select "save or save as" and save the file. Then open the file on your computer. The power point files include animations and sound narratives that are not viewable through a web browser.

Vegetative Treatment Areas

Ferguson Farms

Ferguson Farms on Market Journal: 8 minute TV program discusses how the operation has used a VTS to allow a young family member to return to the farm.

Circle G Farms

Circle G Farms on Market Journal: 8 minute TV program discusses the integration of a VTS onto the Circle G Farming Operation. (not available at this time)

Burd Dairy

Esau Farms

Wicke Sprinkler VTS

Mohrview Dairy

Myron Dorn VTS

Eggerling/Sittler Pasture-based VTS

Eggerling on Market Journal: 7 minute TV program discusses the use of a VTS in a pasture-based operation.

Wes Dorn VTS

Other videos are available through the Oklahoma State University YouTube Channel.


Zimmerman Dairy (pdf)

Myers Debris Basin and Constructed Wetlands (pdf)

Low Water Stream Crossings

Andersen Low Water Stream Crossing (pdf)

Oellerich Low Water Stream Crossing (pdf)

Water Quality Projects

Sterkel Clean Water Diversion (pdf)

Lowry Pond Renovation and Nutrient Utilization (pdf)

Janzen Brothers Farms (pdf)

Dittmer Farms, Inc. (pdf)

Lagoon Abandonment

Andersen Swine Lagoon Abandonment (pdf)

Kyes Swine Lagoon Abandonment (pdf)

Kaslon Lagoon Abandonment (pdf)

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