Lagoon Closure Demonstration

The closure of aged livestock lagoons and earthen manure storage basins needs to be conducted in a manner that controls potential environmental risk and makes economical use of accumulated nutrients in the biosolids. This event will offer a unique opportunity to hear about and see the step-by-step process for planning and conducting a lagoon closure.

Lagoon Closure Field Day Flyer


  • Describe and demonstrate steps in planning and conducting a lagoon closure using approved practices to mitigate environmental risk.
  • Provide attendees with knowledge and resources necessary to plan and conduct a lagoon closure.

Event Details


November 1, 2016
10:00 am to 3:00 pm

The afternoon will be spent outdoors viewing sludge removal from the lagoon and application to a field. Please dress accordingly. Boots are recommended.


Haskell Ag Lab
57905 866 Road
Concord, NE 68728

Who should attend?

  • Those with lagoons or earthen manure storage basins that need to be closed
  • Those who work with producers that have lagoons or earthen manure storage basins that need to be closed
  • Anyone interested in learning more about closure of lagoons or earthen manure storage basins


  • Introduction and welcome
  • Nebraska DEQ rules and recommendations
  • The HAL swine lagoon
  • Future plans
  • Questions and Discussion
  • Lunch
  • What has been done so far and lessons learned
  • Equipment options and needs
  • Land application of sludge
  • Viewing of the soil profile
  • Evaluation and dismissal

*Note: There will be an optional tour (on this product) provided by the lunch sponsor following the conclusion of our program. Please note on your registration whether you're interested in this tour.

Equipment Display

Equipment that may be utilized for similar projects will be on display. If you would like to display your equipment, you may do so by contacting Leslie Johnson (402-584-3818) ahead of time. There is no fee to display, but donations are encouraged.

Special Thanks

  • Funding for videography and development of educational videos on lagoon closure has been provided by two grants from the U.S. Pork Center of Excellence. Videos will be available through the Pork Information Gateway following project completion.
  • Those who have donated time/resources for this event include: Lagoon Pumping and Dredging, The eXpert Company, and Joe's Excavation.
  • The lunch is being sponsored by The eXpert Company and Petersen Ag Systems.

Event Highlights

  • Hear about the history of the HAL lagoon and the activities leading up to the closure of the lagoon
  • Hear from NDEQ and NRCS about regulatory requirements, recommended practice standards, and cost-share opportunities related to lagoon closure
  • Hear about the sludge mapping process used during planning of the lagoon closure, analysis of effluent and sludge, and methods used to estimate land application requirements
  • View the removal and loading of sludge followed by land application of sludge on a field near the lagoon
  • View the soil profile beneath the lagoon


Pre-registration for this event is due by October 20. Lunch will be provided free of charge to those pre-registering and for $10 to those registering on the day of the event. To pre-register, please complete and submit the following information.

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