Land Application Training Requirements

Land Application Training Requirements

Winter Training Workshops Offered Annually

(This training will be offered again in January and February.)

Title 130 Chapter 5 Rule 007.04

The NPDES permittee, authorized representative, or an employee of the operation shall complete a land application training program approved by the Department within 180 days of NPDES permit coverage unless such training was satisfactorily completed in the previous 5 years. Additional training is required every 5 years. The NPDES permittee is responsible for ensuring that the required training is maintained. Records of training shall be kept by the NPDES permittee;

Livestock producers with livestock waste control facility permits received or renewed since April 1998 must complete an approved Land Application Training. The farm representative identified on the permit application must complete an approved training every five years.

Options for Land Application Training

here are three ways to receive the Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality land application training certification:

1. Attend a UNL Extension Land Application Training workshop - scheduled at regional locations based upon demand.


2. *NEW FOR 2017* Register as a beta tester for the new Land Application Training Online Course at: Proceed through the training modules. Upon completion, you will receive a certificate that must be submitted to NDEQ. Instructions are provided within the course.


3. View an archived version of a previous Land Application Training in a proctored environment at an Extension office. A local educator will then certify to NDEQ your completion of the process.

Expired Land Application Training

If 5 or more years have elapsed since completion of the initial land application training, a representative of a permitted operation is expected to attend additional training. This training is offered annually (usually in January and February).

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