Livestock & Poultry Expansion: Critical Issues for Discussion with Farmers and Communities

Livestock & Poultry Expansion: Critical Issues for Discussion with Farmers and Communities


There is a growing interest in establishing new livestock and poultry facilities in Nebraska, many of which will involve contractual arrangement with supply chain partners.  Our purpose is to inform Extension educators and other farm advisors on those critical issues to be considered in the planning of a new livestock/poultry facility and prepare these advisors for leading farmers successfully through this process. The tools and knowledge introduced through this professional development series will be appropriate for all production animal species. The examples used will focus on application of principles introduced in webinars to a broiler expansion in the Fremont region.


  • Introduction to principles critical to the planning process for new or expanding livestock/poultry operations. Focus will be on regulatory, environmental, nuisance, and biosecurity considerations relative to the siting of a new facility.
  • Presentations that are short, succinct, and targeted to educators and advisors.


  • Up to eight 30-minute webinars will be delivered over a 8- week period. Click here for an Agenda .
  • Individuals can participate in webinars by opening the Zoom meeting room
  • All webinars will be archived in YouTube.
  • One educational session will be delivered at a site where a poultry facility is being proposed to discuss application of information delivered during the webinars.
  • Handouts and Resources

Target Audience

  • Extension Educators with interest in livestock and poultry expansion. Educators may invite crop and livestock farmers considering adding an animal production facility or local NRD/NRCS/NDEQ staff may also participate.
  • Public and private sector advisors for animal industry.

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