NDEQ Resources on Regulations

NDEQ Web site provides numerous publications to assist producers with Title 130 compliance including:

  • Annual Report forms
  • Applications and Forms
  • Fact Sheets
  • Guidance Documents
  • Standard Operating Procedures

Title 130 within the NDEQ waste control regulations is the primary environmental regulation with which CAFOs must comply in Nebraska  Additional rules and permit requirements may also be applicable for individual CAFOs.

NDEQ also offers Compliance Assistance in the form of:

  • Workshops
  • Phone assistance (1-877-253-2603)
  • Compliance assistance visits

Changes in Regulations

Changes in federal and state regulations have expanded the definition of an AFO to include some pasture systems that maintain areas of temporary confinement (e.g. calving area, winter feeding area).

Late penalties were required by previous legislation for all requests for inspection after January 2000. Nebraska legislation (LB677) has exempted those recently defined AFOs from any penalties associated with requesting an inspection prior to January 1, 2009.

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