Small AFO VTS Demonstrations

Spray Application

The Animal Feeding Operation, also called the Livestock Producer Environmental Assistance Project (LPEAP), provides financial and technical assistance to small livestock producers who are concerned about protecting water quality and preserving the environment, but are exempt from current regulatory requirements.

The project purpose is to construct on-farm demonstration sites that minimize environmental risk using new concepts and alternative technologies. All demonstration projects are available for viewing by all producers.

  • Vegetative treatment systems (VTS brochure)
  • Constructed wetlands for cattle
  • Lagoon abandonment
  • Cost effective pumping stations
  • Sprinkler treatment areas
  • Infiltration treatment areas
  • Tree filters
  • Fresh water lagoon conversions
  • Manure marketing projects

See Demonstration Projects videos and PDFs for the stories and details behind these completed projects. 

The LPEAP project provides cost share for small livestock producers across Nebraska. Often this is the only source of funding for these voluntary best management practices. The project provides diverse, practical, economical and innovative solutions for small livestock producers, thus offering incentive to make these mainstream practices in rural Nebraska. For further description of the LPEAP project objectives, eligibility and impact, see LPEAP Overview.

Information presented within the livestock manure management section of this Water Web site has been authored and/or reviewed by University of Nebraska-Lincoln Manure Management Team members Leslie Johnson, Rick Koelsch, Charles Shapiro and Charles Wortmann.

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