Video Explains Swine Farm Anaerobic Digester

Nebraska’s first On-Farm Generator is powered by methane that comes from swine manure through an anaerobic digester. The farm is operated by Danny and Josie Kluthe of Dodge, NE and the alternative enterprise is called Olean Energy.

Nebraska Extension Educator, Larry Howard in Cuming County worked with Oklahoma State University to produce a new video for the OSU Waste Management YouTube series. The video is titled “Complete Mix Swine Manure Digester” and explains the entire process of the system.

There are several benefits as a result of the methane (anaerobic) digester. For the Kluthe Farm, they have odor reduction, are producing electricity, producing compressed natural gas to fuel vehicles and tractors, and have a liquid nutrient used as a fertilizer for crop production.

For discussion of this digester’s effects on manure nutrients and air quality, see the results of an on-farm study.

This article was reviewed by Leslie Johnson

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