The UNL Animal Manure Management Team Produces Monthly Graphics on Manure Application

The UNL Animal Manure Management Team Produces Monthly Graphics on Manure Application

example graphic that says "Just like you, soil thrives when fed a nutrient rich diet".Every month the UNL Animal Manure Management Team produces graphics on the benefits of manure application and manure best practices and we want your help sharing them. The graphics are for educational purposes and for use by the public. Oftentimes the graphics we create include a link to an article featured on the UNL manure website,

example graphic that says "calculating the value of nutrients in manure" and provides a link.

What is the purpose?

Our graphics are intended to educate the public that recycling local manure nutrients before purchasing fertilizer is key to protecting the environment. Manure is a locally available, nutrient dense, soil friendly food that helps crops thrive. However, due to odors, pathogens, and potential for overapplication of nutrients there can be some risk associated with manure use, but this risk can be mitigated with proper handling and application. Our manure graphics communicate science-based information on manure management in an aesthetic, user-friendly format available free for public use. Some examples are shown throughout this article.

example graphic with photo of a cow's nose and says "manure improves crop fertility and is locally available" and provides a link to manure.unl.eduHow can I get involved?

If you would like to receive monthly graphics on manure application best practices to share in your circles, send Amber Patterson a request and let her know where you plan to share them. You can expect to receive three to six graphics in .png format the first week of every month.

example graphic sharing the merits of manure library

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