Pesticide Drift Reduction & Prevention

Pesticide Drift Reduction & Prevention

Pesticide drift occurs when pesticides are transferred in air away from the intended application site into adjacent areas. Pesticides can move as spray droplets, vapor drift, or solid particle drift.

  • Spray droplet drift occurs when spray droplets are too small and/or when the wind is too strong and the wind blows in the wrong direction.
  • Vapor drift occurs when certain pesticide formulations are used and the weather conditions are such that nearby plants are damaged. This type of drift usually happens with herbicides.
  • Solid particle drift results when pesticides are attached to soil particles or when granules are present and a strong wind blows.

To learn more about spray drift and drift prevention, read the UNL Extension NebGuide, Spray Drift of Pesticides and on the EPA Web site, Spray Drift of Pesticides.
PDF version of NebGuide (710 KB; 4 pages)

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