Professional trainings and public programs

UNL Extension drinking water presentation in Afghanistan

Professionals and property owners know how to protect our most vital natural resource as a result of University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension education.

UNL Extension presents educational sessions at professionals annual conferences and seminars. Extension also educates both urban and rural residents to increase understanding of good management of drinking water supplies. Nitrate, arsenic and uranium are identified as some of the top concerns for water supplies. These issues and more are the subjects of UNL Extension's educational efforts.

Sample of recent educational efforts

UNL Extension provided training for the Agribusiness Development Team (ADT) scheduled to deploy to Afghanistan for a 2011-2012 tour of duty.  The UNL Extension drinking water team  conducted training on methods to make drinking water safe without the use of modern technology, disinfection products, or adequate fuel supplies. 

Consumers were targeted for drinking water education with an emphasis on access to information at this web site.  Individuals downloaded drinking water information from this site nearly 59,000 times during a 12 month period, helping them make management decisions for desired water quality while avoiding unnecessary expense.

UNL Extension developed the 100-Gallon Challenge water conservation program, which is located on this web site.  The challenge encourages people to pledge adoption of
water - saving practices in their home and in their landscape.

The UNL Extension drinking water team helped train 80 Nebraska youth who were preparing to compete in the 2011 Future Problem Solvers Competition.

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