Shoreline, Streambank & Lake Restoration

Shoreline, Streambank & Lake Restoration

Clarks pond

Shoreline and streambank protection is critical to maintaining water quality in streams, rivers and lakes. Degraded shorelines around lakes and along stream banks increase the likelihood of pollutants such as sediments and nutrients reaching the water and contributing to decreased water quality. Implementing best management practices in and around lakes and along streams can greatly reduce water quality problems.

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Information presented within the Lakes, Ponds & Streams section of this Water Web site has been reviewed by University of Nebraska–Lincoln Lake, Pond and Stream Protection Team members Katie Pekarek, Tom Franti, David Shelton, Steve Tonn and Charlie Wortmann.


NRCS Stream Restoration
USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service

Stream Corridor Restoration Guidebook
Federal Interagency Stream Corridor Restoration Working Group

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