Common Pollutant Types


Pollutant TypeCommon Sources
Sediment (sand, silt, and clay particles) Bare spots in lawns and gardens, lawn and landscape renovation projects, sloping areas, soil washed from vehicles, roof tops and other hard surfaces like driveways, pond or stream bank erosion, home construction
Nutrients (nitrogen, phosphorous, and others) Over-applied or spilled fertilizer, pet waste, grass clippings, tree and shrub leaves, soil erosion
Pesticides Over-applied or spilled material, leaks, sprayer wash-out, improper disposal of old or excess pesticides
Disease Organisms (bacteria, viruses) Pet waste, septic systems, garbage, litter
Hydrocarbons Engine exhaust, fuel and oil spills and leaks, vehicle tire wear
Metals Vehicle brake and tire wear, engine exhaust, metal gutters and downspouts
Household Hazardous Waste Antifreeze, paint, paint thinner, solvents, cleaning compounds

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