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 The CropWater App is one of the earliest irrigation management apps developed many years ago and its functions are based on the research conducted by Dr. Suat Irmak. It is a product of our efforts in the NAWMN to enhance technology implementation in agricultural production. The CropWater App was developed for iPhone and iPad and provides an easy and a robust way to estimate soil water status based on soil matric potential sensors installed at soil depths of 1, 2, 3 or 4 feet. The App uses the algorithms and procedures researched and published by Irmak et al. (2006; 2010). With these sensor readings, the app estimates the crop water used as well as what available soil water is remaining in the profile for typical 8 different soil types. The user can also see historic sensor readings and graph the data and pin his/her GPS locations. On the background, the App converts soil-matric potential readings to soil water content and amounts per ft soil layer and calculates the amount of water depleted and the amount of water remain per ft of soil profile and the user can make accurate and technology-based irrigation management decisions for all eight soils embedded into the software. The app also estimates the last irrigation based on available water and crop growth stages. The app operates based on the measured field-specific data rather than simulation or estimation of different variables. Thus, the app does not rely on any estimates of any soil moisture information; rather it utilizes field-measured soil moisture data directly. One of our primary goals with this app was to enhance the technology implementation/adoption in agricultural water management. For more information, please contact Dr. Suat Irmak (; Phone: 402 472-4865).

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