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Nebraska NRCS announces ACT Now Signup 2

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Nebraska NRCS has announced ACT Now Signup 2 for initiatives and EQIP programs. An ACT Now signup process will be utilized for the Bazile, Big Sandy and Turkey Creek NWQIs and EQIP CPAs, DIAs, and CEMAs. Applications that may have been received for these initiatives after the November 18, 2022 EQIP application cutoff but prior to the December 19,2022 Signup 2 announcement, are eligible as well.

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Tolkien Teaches Ag: Lessons from Organic Fertilizer Production

steaming compost rows

On a brisk April day, I was traveling with a group of adventurers through the wilds of the Minnesota country side. We came upon a steep embankment and climbed it so that we might see what lay beyond. When I reached the top, and the crowd around me had parted, I thought for a moment I might suddenly have traded places with Samwise Gamgee, hobbit, because I was gazing out onto a field of what reminded me very much of the steaming slag pits of Mordor.  However, rather than an apocalyptic hell-scape I was instead looking at a premier example of sustainable agriculture.

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Video Explains Swine Farm Anaerobic Digester

photo of covered lagoon at Kluthe farm
Nebraska’s first On-Farm Generator is powered by methane that comes from swine manure through an anaerobic digester. The farm is operated by Danny and Josie Kluthe of Dodge, NE and the alternative enterprise is called Olean Energy.

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Emergency Holding Pond Management During Wet Weather

Managing an open lot runoff holding pond during wet weather requires vigilance in monitoring and managing pond levels.
Many areas of Nebraska have experienced higher than normal precipitation events recently, with some areas receiving rainfall that far exceeded a 25-year, 24-hour storm event. This abnormally wet weather pattern has caused drainage and flooding issues in some parts of the state. The Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality and Nebraska Extension would like to remind producers and landowners to be vigilant in monitoring lagoon and runoff holding pond levels.

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Observations of Manure Management on a South Dakota Dairy

photo of sand lane to recover sand bedding
As a part of the North American Manure Expo events, participants were invited to tour a family-operated dairy farm located in Hamlin County, SD to witness first-hand some of the improvements that have been added to their manure management system over the past few years. I was able to observe how, in trying economic times for the dairy industry, this family farm has modified their manure management system to get the most out of precious resources – water and nutrients.

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