Animal Manure Management

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Animal Manure Management

Recycling local manure nutrients before purchasing fertilizer is key to protecting the environment. Manure can be an economic “Win”, due to its fertility value, and a soil quality “Win”, due to its organic matter.  But it can also be a community risk, due to odors and pathogens. Our live educational programs, online courses, and resources provide science-based information on economically viable, environmentally sound manure handling systems that also comply with all regulations.

Nebraska Manure Demonstration Day

The 2014 Manure Demonstration Day was held in Lexington, Nebraska on July 29, 2014. Approximately 275 people attended the event that demonstrated how to utilize manure for proper plant nutrition while still protecting the environment. The event was similar to the North American Manure Expo, but focused on the manure industry in the state of Nebraska rather than nationally. Participants viewed 33 vendors, 16 demonstrations and had opportunities to attend educational sessions to learn more about manure management and handling.

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