Drinking Water & Wells

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Drinking Water & Wells

How much do you really know about the water you drink every day? Where does it come from? Is it safe to drink? Is a home water treatment system necessary? How can drinking water be protected? Explore this section for more detailed information that will help you answer questions or solve problems you may have.

What's the Deal with Smelly Well Water?

Photo Credit: Becky Schuerman

Odors that are comparable to that of rotten eggs are not ideal in your home or coming from your drinking water faucet. Sulfate, which is a combination of sulfur and oxygen, are naturally occurring minerals. They are found in some soil and rock formations where groundwater is stored. Bacteria that feed on sulfur can produce hydrogen sulfide gas which is the primary offender when it comes to odor. 

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It’s Time for Private Well Maintenance

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Join Citizen Science + Water Quality

Join over 800 Nebraskans who are already exploring our water! This FREE Water Quality Testing program for plant nutrients (nitrate, nitrite, phosphate) is seeking volunteers to join the fourth year of testing surface and groundwater in Nebraska.

Learn more and sign up by visiting go.unl.edu/wqcs

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Happy World Water Day!

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Annually on this day, we bring special attention to the importance of groundwater & freshwater around the world. This year's theme focuses on "Groundwater: Making the invisible visible" to bring attention to this hidden water resource, that all too often goes unrecognized when sustainable policies are developed.

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Become a Groundwater Steward

Choose water-efficient appliances

National Groundwater Awareness Week is March 6–12, making it the perfect time to talk about groundwater in Nebraska! What exactly is groundwater? It is the water below the earth’s surface that fills the interconnected voids and cracks in and around soil particles, sand, gravel and rock. Groundwater is the most abundant supply of freshwater in the world and is the water source that private drinking water, irrigation, livestock and many public water supply wells draw from.

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