Groundwater is vital to the “Good Life” in Nebraska. It maintains our agricultural economy, supplies water to streams and lakes, and provides drinking water to municipalities and rural households. Nebraskans pump groundwater out of the High Plains aquifer and many other aquifers across the state. The vast majority of groundwater is used for agricultural production.

Small communities pay high costs for clean water

In Nebraska, 85% of our citizens rely on drinking water pumped from the ground. When a community's public drinking water supply is affected by high nitrate levels that exceed 10 ppm, it can cost hundreds of thousands - even millions - of dollars to fix.

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Nebraska Groundwater Levels Rise Following Wet Year

Groundwater level changes for Nebrasks for 2018 versus 2019
Groundwater levels across much of Nebraska continue to rebound from the historic 2012 drought, according to the 2019 Groundwater-Level Monitoring Report. On average, wells measured in spring 2019 saw a 2.63-foot increase in groundwater levels statewide.

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No-till, Cover Crops, And Planned Grazing Systems Workshop to be held in Norfolk February 12th

If you are interested in learning more about Soil Health, Cover Crops and Nitrogen Management consider attending the No-till cover crops grazing workshop held by the Bazile Groundwater Management Area, Lower Elkhorn Natural Resource District and the NRCS in Norfolk at the Lifelong Learning Center. The workshop will run from 9:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. with lunch provided by the Bazile Groundwater Area NRDs.

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Groundwater Protection: It's up to Everyone

Water Cycle

Groundwater Protection: It’s Up to Everyone

 If you think about the water cycle, you begin to realize the water we use every day, is in essence, recycled. There’s no new water, we are drinking some of the same water the dinosaurs drank!

Keeping our drinking water sources safe begins with each of us. There are many things everyone can do to assist with groundwater protection whether you live in an urban or rural area.

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Introducing New Bazile Groundwater Management Area Extension Educator

Jeremy Milander soil sampling at Haskell Ag Lab
Please welcome Jeremy Milander to Nebraska Extension. Jeremy will assume his new role as an Assistant Extension Educator in mid-April and will have specific responsibilities in the Bazile Water Management Area in northeast Nebraska. He will work with four Natural Resources Districts to develop an educational program aimed at stabilizing the nitrate concentration in ground water. Jeremy will also work with a stakeholder group to implement field demonstrations funded by a Nebraska Environmental Trust grant.

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