Educational Backflow Model

 backflow model


Contamination can enter public drinking water through cross-connections when backflow takes place in a city water system. This is a serious threat to public health. This educational model uses colored dye to demonstrate multiple scenarios in which backpressure and backsiphon take place and allow contamination to reach public drinking water. This model demonstrates the risks of cross connection, backflow and backsiphonage and was developed by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services.

The model was designed as part of a team project for the capstone design course in Biological Systems Engineering. Below is information on the use and construction of the model.

We do not make or sell these models. We provide you with instructions and directions to construct and operate your own model for educational purposes.


  • Please direct any questions to:
  • Dr. Bruce Dvorak
  • University of Nebraska-Lincoln
  • Biological Systems Engineering Department
  • 234 L. W. Chase Hall
  • Lincoln, NE 68583-0726
  • (402) 472-3431
  • FAX: (402) 472-6338


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