100 Gallon Challenge

Take the 100-Gallon Challenge!
Improve domestic water efficiency in your home and yard. Study the list of water-efficient practices below. Identify the practices that fit your life style and that you are willing to adopt. Check (outdoor) or fill in the blank (indoor) the practices you are commit to adopting. Leave blank any practices you are not currently willing or able to adopt at this time. See how much water you will save each week by adopting the practices you selected.


Enter number for the amount of times per week you pledge to use this water saving technique.

Low or No Cost/Easy to Do:
  • Not use the toilet as a wastebasket; use trash can for waste other than sanitary waste. @ times per week (1.6 gallons per time*)
  • Install aerator on faucet @ # faucets (35 gallons per faucet per week*)
  • Turn off water while brushing teeth @ brushings per week (4 gallons per brush*)
  • Not rinse dishes before putting them in the dishwasher @ loads per week (5 gallons per load*)
  • Fill the bathtub only 1/2 full while bathing @ baths per week (18 gallons per bath*)
Medium Cost/Some Time and Effort Required:
  • Replace showerhead with water-saving model @ 4-minute showers per week (12 gallons per shower*)
  • Fix leaking toilet valve @ # toilets (154 gallons per toilet per week*)
Higher Cost/Some Time and Effort Required:
  • Replace toilet with low-flush model @ flushes per week (2 gallons per flush*)
  • Replace washing machine with water-saving model @ loads per week (20 gallons per load*)
  • Replace dishwasher with water-saving model @ loads per week (7 gallons per load*)
Indoor Total:

*Amounts saved are estimates based on national averages. Actual savings will vary with household size, equipment efficiency, etc.


Check each water saving practice you pledge to use.

No Cost/Easy to Do:
  • Water only between 4 and 8 am to reduce evaporation and interference from wind. (40-70*)
  • Adjust irrigation sprinklers to prevent spraying the street, sidewalk and other non pervious surfaces. (30-50*)
  • Reduce each lawn irrigation cycle by 2 minutes (50-90*)
  • Use a bucket of soapy water to wash your car, using a hose only for rinsing. Use a self closing nozzle to make it easier. (30-70*)
  • Use a broom instead of a hose to clean driveway and sidewalks. (20-40*)
Low Cost/Some Time & Effort Required:
  • Repair leaks in hoses, valves and sprinkler heads. (10-50*)
  • Repair or replace leaking outdoor hose bibs. (90-100*)
Moderate Cost/Some Time & Effort Required:
  • Install drip irrigation for flowers, fruit and vegetables (50-70*)
  • Install a "smart irrigation controller" that shuts the irrigation system down when it rains (60-100*)
  • Replace a portion of your lawn with drought tolerant perennials and groundcovers. (30-50*)
Outdoor Total:

* Estimate gallons saved per week. Savings assumes reasonable home maintenance activities and a traditional watering pattern of one inch per week in April, May September and October, 1 1/4" in June, 1 1/2" inch in July and August, applied in equal amounts twice a week.

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Thank you for taking the 100 Gallon Challenge. Adopting water efficient practices can help reduce stress on public and private water and wastewater treatment systems, resulting in environmental, social, and economic benefits to you and your neighbors.

The 100 Gallon Challenge is adapted with permission from the San Diego Water District
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