When to Water

Scheduling Irrigation to Conserve Water & Save Plants

sprinkler hitting a mailboxDo you take water for granted, or do you carefully manage your water to benefit your yard and garden plants as well as your pocketbook? Improper water use and irrigation scheduling waste millions of gallons of water.

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Whenever water restrictions occur, homeowners become concerned about the survival of their trees, ornamental shrubs, flowers, gardens and lawns. Not only does limited water threaten their survival, but water-stressed plants are more susceptible to insects, diseases, and winterkill than healthy plants. Since landscape plants gain in value over the years, both sentimental and monetary, no one wants to risk losing them. 

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Side yard ornamental rain gardenIf you decide to decrease lawn watering, you should not discontinue watering trees and shrubs. They cannot go dormant during the growing season. Trees and shrubs need moist, but not saturated, soil in order to grow well, resist insects, diseases and winter injury, and to produce flowers and fruit.

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Gardens should be soaked once a week rather than watered frequently. Timing water applications is important.

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