Land Application Equipment Inventory

NMP Section 3: Land Application Equipment Inventory


This section summarizes the available equipment for land application of solid, slurry, and liquid manure. The information should provide an estimate of the equipments and capacity for delivering manure to cropland. This allows a preliminary assessment by the NDEQ permit writer of the ability of the current equipment to handle the available manure in a timely manner.

NDEQ Requirement:

Pump must have capacity to pump at the 25-year, 24-hour storm volume within 10 days unless alternative operating methods are approved by NDEQ (applicable to open lot systems only).

Section 3 Example:

(*pdf version of Example)

NMP Section 3: Land Application Equipment Inventory

Time Required for Land Application: (Example)

Solids: We collect between 5,000 and 6,000 tons of manure solids annually. With our current equipment, we spend approximately 10 days spreading manure solids. Manure is typically spread on corn land in December and on alfalfa immediately after first cutting in May.

Liquids: We collect less than 4 million gallons annually in our runoff holding pond. It requires approximately 20 days of 10-hour operating periods to land apply the liquids. Depending upon pond level, our preference is to use the water on alfalfa from April through September. However, if pond levels approach the marker level indicating that capacity needed for the 25-year, 24-hour storm, we apply liquid to alfalfa as soon as the soil has the ability to absorb the added liquid. At least part of the feedlot quarter is maintained in alfalfa in all years to provide a site for emergency application.

A 25-yr, 24-hr storm event is expected to produce approximately 3 million gallons of runoff. We can pump 324,000 gallons per day in a 12 hour per day pumping period. At this pumping rate, this storm event can be land applied in less than 10 days. If necessary, the 12 hour per day pumping period can be extended.

Reference Materials:

Form 5 - Land Application Equipment Inventory*pdf version (1 page, 71KB); MS Word Fill-In-Form (1 page)

Nebraska NRCS uses an Inventory Job Sheet *pdf version (10 pgs., 726KB), for all aspects of a Comprehensive NMP.

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   –¢ MS Word files: version 2000 or newer
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