Nutrient Management Plan (NMP) Tools

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The following resources will identify the primary topics to be addressed by a Nebraska Nutrient Management Plan (NMP) for the cropping system. Each section includes:

  1. the desired outcome or purpose,
  2. web links to appropriate resources for developing an NMP, and
  3. an example NMP for a 2,500 head Nebraska feedlot.

Caution: This discussion addresses only the crop nutrient plan components of a NMP or CNMP. Additional issues must be addressed including manure storage, land treatment, odor management, and other planning requirements of an NDEQ–s permit or an NRCS CNMP.


Strategic Plan: Does your farm have the potential for managing manure nutrients?

Strategic Plan: Decision process to follow in annual planning

Strategic Plan: Annual plan sample

Example NMP

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Author: Rick Koelsch, University of Nebraska
The author wishes to extend his appreciation for the peer reviews completed by Diego Ayala, USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service, and Alan Rosenboom, Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality.

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