Producer Instructions and Adjustments

NMP Section 11: Producer Instructions and Adjustments


This section communicates to the regulatory community (and the producer) those tasks and adjustments to plans that must be completed over the duration of the permit. Many of these tasks relate to the annual planning updates that must be completed by the producer. Other tasks may relate to situations that will cause alterations to the plan from standard operating procedures.

These instructions may address:

  • Annual calculations of crop nutrient requirements and application rates
  • Preferred timing of manure application and factors to consider in timing adjustments
  • Calibration procedures
  • Records and inspections implementation

Section 11 Example: Producer Instructions and Adjustments

(*pdf version of Example and Section 11 Table)

Crop Nutrient Requirement Calculations

  • All calculations are repeated annually based upon updated information on yields, previous crops, previous years manure applications and commercial fertilizer application plans.

Application Rates

  • Manure analysis is completed at least annually.
  • Each field application rate is adjusted annually based on crop nutrient requirements, the results of the most recent P-Index, manure analysis, and the method of application.

Timing of Manure Application
Manure applications timing shall be adjusted to match a crop production year starting and ending in November for row crops. Timing will be adjusted to consider:

  • Soil moisture conditions. Manure application timing may be adjusted if soil moisture levels present a risk for runoff or tile drains are flowing.
  • Weather conditions and forecast. Forecasted precipitation suggests a potential for significant field runoff.
  • Planned crop rotation modifications.


image of sample calculation

image of sample equation

>> Section 11 Table: Recommended Records for Cropping System Nutrient Plan


Nutrient Management Plan: Records Checklist and Samples for Animal Feeding Operations**
This document from Heartland Water Quality Coordination Initiative summarizes the record keeping expectations of a nutrient management plan and provides the producer with sample records.

  • sample records for crop nutrient management plans (pages 26-42)
  • Manure Application Calibration (pages 37-42)

Nebraska CNMP – Land Application Workbook.
Pages 87-88 summarize manure applicator calibration procedures *pdf version (104 total pages, 762KB) MS Word version (95 pages)

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