Nebraska NRCS announces ACT Now Signup 2

Nebraska NRCS announces ACT Now Signup 2

NRCS logoNebraska NRCS has announced ACT Now Signup 2 for:

An ACT Now signup process will be utilized for the Bazile, Big Sandy and Turkey Creek NWQIs and EQIP CPAs, DIAs, and CEMAs. Applications that may have been received for these initiatives after the November 18, 2022 EQIP application cutoff but prior to the December 19,2022 Signup 2 announcement, are eligible as well. 

ACT Now – GPGI during Signup 2

The Signup 2 eligibility deadline for the GPGI is February 24, 2023. Field offices will notify all applicants missing items no later than February 17, 2023. This mailing will include the 530142 E Conservation Program Application Checklist, Eligibility Notification letter, and any applicable forms (1199A, CPA1257, etc.) that must be returned to the field office before the deadline.

ACT Now – NWQI and EQIP CPAs, DIAs, and CEMAs Signup 2

ACT Now allows NRCS to immediately approve and rank applications in a designated ACT Now pool when an eligible application meets or exceeds a State determined minimum score.

Applications eligible for Signup 2 will be accepted on a continuous basis through the application cutoff of May 1, 2023 and preapproved until funds are expended.

Applicants can submit a signed and dated form NRCS-CPA-1200 to their local NRCS field office. It can be hand delivered, mailed, scanned, emailed or submitted through an agency-approved business tool ( NRCS will follow up to obtain the participant’s signature to ensure the application was properly completed prior to ranking.


EQIP CPAs, DIAs, and CEMAs can only be supported by NRCS through EQIP contracts with an eligible producer. EQIP CPAs and DIAs are developed by a certified Technical Service Providers (TSPs) and CEMAs are developed by qualified individuals (QI) (not certified by NRCS).  NRCS employees and partners are prohibited from developing EQIP CPAs, DIAs, and CEMAs**. Be advised, Nebraska may not have certified TSPs for all available CPAs and DIAs. Certified TSPs are located on the NRCS Registry, where you can sort by certification type. If you have questions on TSPs, please contact Renee Hancock, State TSP Coordinator, for assistance at or 402-437-4064.

Producers interested in obtaining assistance to develop a Comprehensive Nutrient Management Plans (CNMP) for a future EQIP application for waste storage structures should apply for a CPA102 and DIA101 in the same signup.

 * Note CPAs and DIAs replace the prior CAPs.

** Exception: NRCS Employees and partners can develop CEMAs if they are the contract holder and they meet QI requirements outlined in the CEMA.

This article was reviewed by Agnes Kurtzhals.

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