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Our live educational programs, online courses, and resources provide science-based information on economically viable, environmentally sound manure handling systems that also comply with all regulations.

"$aving by Using Manure on Crops" Workshop Scheduled for November 30

Save Money by Using Manure on Crops Title Graphic
Don’t WASTE your time and money, learn to use manure nutrients effectively. Choosing to use manure instead of commercial fertilizer can be advantageous to your bottom line. In this workshop, we’ll discover how to value the fertilizer nutrients in manure so you know you are meeting crop needs while saving money at the fertilizer dealer. We’ll discuss which fields are best for manure and which might be better suited to commercial fertilizer.

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More Roots = Increased Soil Health

sunflower roots
During the Soil Health School, presenters will cover many aspects of the science related to soil health, including foundational soil health principles, the evaluation of soil health management practices, and get to experience many hands-on soil health investigations and demonstrations. As a bit of a sneak preview, this article highlights what Leslie Johnson, Nebraska Extension Statewide Manure Educator will be sharing that day. Of course, she’ll be talking about how manure can impact soil health, but the role she’s the most excited about because it will be the most hands-on, is getting to show different ways of determining root growth.

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The UNL Animal Manure Management Team Produces Monthly Graphics on Manure Application

example graphic with photo of a cow's nose and says "manure improves crop fertility and is locally available" and provides a link to
Every month the UNL Animal Manure Management Team produces graphics on the benefits of manure application and manure best practices and we want your help sharing them. The graphics are for educational purposes and for use by the public. Oftentimes the graphics we create include a link to an article featured on the UNL manure website,

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2023 Manure Training Locations and Dates

map of Land Application Training locations
The Animal Manure Management team has announced the locations and dates for land application training in 2023. These sessions will take place in February and March. Anyone is welcome. Crop farmers and livestock operations will learn useful information to apply to their operations.

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The 2023 Nutrient Recordkeeping Calendars are Here!

2023 nutrient management record keeping calendar advertisement
The 2023 Nutrient Management Calendars are now available from the Nebraska Extension. This easy-to-use record keeping calendar tracks manure-related records for livestock and cropping operations. It serves as a guide for livestock operations that are required by the State of Nebraska to keep records. It was designed to be used by all sizes of livestock operations and includes all records required for operations permitted for the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES).

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