Resources for Manure Management

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Resources for Manure Management

2020 Nutrient Management Record Keeping Calendars Now Available!

The 2020 Nutrient Management Record Keeping Calendars are now available from Nebraska Extension. Tracking manure application rates, part of the calendar’s record keeping tools, is important for getting the maximum crop nutrient value from manure and documenting one’s environmental stewardship.

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The Nebraska Livestock Siting Assessment Matrix

Growth in Nebraska’s livestock and poultry industries is greatly influenced by county zoning and local decision-making. Variation in policies among counties and in decisions made by county officials creates significant challenges for current and prospective livestock operations and for rural communities looking to remain vibrant and create new revenue to support local resources. The Nebraska Livestock Siting Assessment Matrix is approved for use and recently updated for continued dissemination by the Nebraska Department of Agriculture.

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Calibration Kits

20 kits of equipment and supplies for calibrating both dry and liquid manure spreaders are available in Extension offices across the state. Available for check-out for farmers and their advisors

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