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Crop Production

The production of crops is the heart of Nebraska's economy. Water is essential to all plant growth. Thus Nebraska's economy relies on a plentiful supply of water to produce crops – in both rainfed and irrigated environments. Several factors involved with producing crops interact with either water supply or water quality issues – or both.

Replanting Corn: Things To Do and Think About

seedling in person's hand
Recent flooding events beginning May 20-21, 2024 in portions of the state have some concerned about the need to replant corn when waters recede. It’s important to assess potential recovery before making replant decisions.

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Corn and Soybean Survival in Saturated and Flooded Soils

corn seedlings under water in field
Several factors affect corn and soybean survival in flooded soils at early season growth stages. This Nebraska Extension article reviews considerations for growers concerned about impacts to seed germination for these crops.

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Q/A: What Impact Does Flooding and Saturated Soils Have on Wheat and Alfalfa?

flooded field at ENREEC
Extension insights on crop recovery, disease and harvest considerations for flooded wheat and alfalfa fields.

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UNL-TAPS to Host Summer Field Day on June 19

This year's annual field day will include new contests in the Agronomic Olympics, live demos, guest speakers and a four-man golf scramble.

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Nebraska Soil and Water Conservation Society to Host Annual Meeting in Scottsbluff

greenhouse with signage in foreground
This year’s theme is “Tech Talks — Tech Walks,” focusing on various technologies, with tours planned at a local organic heritage seed farm and North Platte NRD's geothermal greenhouse.

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