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Crop Production

The production of crops is the heart of Nebraska's economy. Water is essential to all plant growth. Thus Nebraska's economy relies on a plentiful supply of water to produce crops – in both rainfed and irrigated environments. Several factors involved with producing crops interact with either water supply or water quality issues – or both.

University Releases Web-based Nitrogen Management Tool for Corn Growers

Corn field at sunset
Available now on CropWatch, the web-based tool allows users to input data for individual fields to help fine-tune their nitrogen applications, and maximize yield and profitability.

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The gift that keeps giving: manure important resource for crop producers

  Leslie Johnson uses a mixture of candy to demonstrate the importance of collecting a good representative manure sample at the “Saving Money by Using Manure” workshop in West Point, Neb. Photo credit: Midwest Messenger
Manure is like a slow-release fertilizer for our crops, sort of like the gift that keeps on giving. Kristen Sindelar with the Midwest Messenger shares what she learned by attending the "Saving Money by Using Manure on Crops" workshop.

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The 2024 Nutrient Recordkeeping Calendars are Here!

2024 nutrient management record keeping calendar advertisement
The 2024 Nutrient Management Calendars are now available from the Nebraska Extension. This easy-to-use record keeping calendar tracks manure-related records for livestock and cropping operations. It serves as a guide for livestock operations that are required by the State of Nebraska to keep records. It was designed to be used by all sizes of livestock operations and includes all records required for operations permitted for the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES).

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The Soil Health Exchange: Terrace Effects on Soil Fertility and Yield

The Soil Health Exchange team shares insights and potential solutions for a southwest Nebraska farmer who has observed a significant yield decline in a field after terraces were built in 2010.

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Crop Progress: Soil Moisture, Pasture Conditions Decline

Soil moisture supplies and pasture conditions in Nebraska were on a downward trend as of Nov. 12. Corn and sorghum harvest remain on track, with less than 10% of each crop to be finished.

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