Do I need technical assistance with my environmental plan?

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The core of an environmental plan is the Nutrient Management Plan, which covers manure storage, crop nutrient management planning, mortality, chemical storage and other issues. When developing your environmental plan you can contact NDEE Field Offices and ask for guidance.

Some online tools that could help you to understand and develop an environmental plan are:

  • Assembling an NMP and Nutrient Management Plan (NMP) provide guidance from Nebraska Extension relative to the planning process for managing manure nutrients in crop production.
  • Nebraska Extension recommend contacting a private sector service provider for developing a permit application and final nutrient management plan that will meet NDEE requirements.  Nebraska NRCS also provides services for medium and small AFOs needing a permit or nutrient plan.
  • Manure Management Planner from Purdue University is a computer program to organize users’ farm information and create crop nutrient management plans.

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