What behaviors will farm manager/ employees always practice?

Your principles and values will be illustrated by the management practices used on your operation. That is why it is important to communicate to everyone working in your business the significance of living up to the standards you set in every aspect of your operation. The messages you convey to your employees about what your operation values will be indirectly conveyed to your local community. So your management priorities are other ways you can demonstrate your shared values with your employees, and the wider community. Making sure that every employee knows and behaves according to the principles you set is one of the most valuable pieces of communication you will make when starting your operation.

farm worker feeding two calves

In Does my lending plan meet my business and financial needs? we discussed Business Plans, which is a great tool for identifying your business values. These values should look to build an integral livestock operation, with respect and commitment to the community, environment, employees, and customers.

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