Happy World Water Day!

Happy World Water Day!

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Annually on this day, we bring special attention to the importance of groundwater & freshwater around the world. This year's theme focuses on "Groundwater: Making the invisible visible" to bring attention to this hidden water resource, that all too often goes unrecognized when sustainable policies are developed.

Did you know that of all of the Earth's water resources, only 3% of it is freshwater, and only 0.50% of this available for us to use/consume? Nebraska is very lucky to sit atop the largest portion of the Ogallala Aquifer, but with this precious gift comes great responsibility, and that is something that each and every one of us can positively impact! Read my article on how we can all positively impact our groundwater resources at https://water.unl.edu/article/drinking-water-wells/become-groundwater-steward. To have the greatest impact, we need to adopt everyday practices that protect and preserve our groundwater resources.
Also, take a look at how USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service works one-on-one with farmers, ranchers, and foresters to help them implement conservation practices and approaches that conserve water while at the same time improving the health of their lands, helping each drop of water go further at https://www.farmers.gov/blog/doing-more-with-less-water...
Lastly, check out the United Nations 2022 World Water Day campaign at https://www.unwater.org/world-water-day-2022-groundwater/

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