Odor Footprint Tool

Odor Footprint Tool


With the growing diversity of land uses in rural areas - agricultural, residential, recreational – it is important to have tools that can provide objective information about air quality issues associated with livestock production. The Odor Footprint Tool (OFT) estimates the frequency of annoying odor events around an existing or proposed livestock facility and uses this information to determine minimum separation distances that should be maintained around those facilities and to help in siting decisions. Another use of the tool is to compare odor control technology options for a facility. The separation distances take into account the size and type of facilities on the site, use of proven odor control technology, regional weather records, prevailing tolerance levels for odor, and local terrain.

*pdf versions require Acrobat Reader. Download free.
**Requires MS Excel version 1997 or newer.

This section of the Extension Water Web site has been authored/reviewed by Odor Management Team members Crystal Powers and Rick Stowell.

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