Manure Transfer Plan

NMP Section 5: Manure Transfer Plan or Land Application Site Agreement


The state of Nebraska requires that a livestock operation demonstrate access to sufficient land to manage the nitrogen in manure. If sufficient land is not available for utilization of manure nutrients on crop land owned by the livestock producer, two alternatives exist for documenting environmentally sound management of the manure that will need to be transferred to off-farm users:

  • A plan for marketing or transferring manure to off-farm users of manure. This option may be acceptable to Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality in some situations where a livestock operation is marketing manure as a fertilizer. This marketing plan will need to be supplemented with records documenting the movement of sufficient manure to off-farm users to meet the goals of the plan. Records of transfers will be necessary.
  • A signed land use agreement between the landowner and the livestock producer for manure application to that land.

Section 5 Example: Manure Transfer Plan

(*pdf version of Example)


1. Manure nutrients to be transferred to off-farm users.

The Beef Case Study farm will initiate a manure transfer program with the goal of moving 3,500 tons of manure per year to neighboring crop producers. During our first year, these products will be applied at no cost to the crop producer and applied at a rate designed to meet the crops' nitrogen requirements. Side by side demonstration comparing commercial fertilizer and manure will be set up on at least three crop farm sites with an end of year comparison of yields.

The Beef Case Study farm will establish a nutrient management plan for each neighboring crop producer field receiving manure. It will also maintain records to document its implementation. All planning and record keeping will follow the same procedures as currently used on land owned by the beef case study.

If these demonstrations are successful, the beef case study farm will negotiate future prices for manure transfer with neighboring crop producers.

NMP Section 5: Manure Transfer Plan or Land Application Site Agreement

Reference Materials:

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Form 4 - Inventory of Land Application Sites for Manure Application *pdf version (1 page); MS Word Form (1 page)

Form 13 - Plan for Manure Transfer to Off-Farm Users *pdf version (1 page); MS Word Form (1 page)

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