Am I Current with Inspections & Records?

Documentation is critical to demonstration of a CAFO's compliance with regulations and good environmental stewardship. Records are especially important if a farm experiences a spill. A farm's ability to demonstrate continued good management prior to a spill will be an important consideration in determining liability and potential penalties.

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Do I Need a Permit?

In Nebraska, an inspection by an NDEQ representative will provide the final determination of whether or not a livestock or poultry operation will need a permit.

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Policy & Regulations

Livestock Waste Regulations in Nebraska are administered by the Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality. NDEQ administers both state and federal (EPA) environmental regulations. The governing regulations are called Title 130, Livestock Waste Control Regulations.

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Methane (Anaerobic) Digesters

A methane digester system, commonly referred to as an AD (anaerobic digester), is a device that promotes the decomposition of manure or 'digestion' of the organics in manure to simple organics and gaseous biogas products.

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Storage and Handling

Manure storage structures are key to managing manure from animal feeding operations. The three most popular containments used in Nebraska are categorized into: manure storages, anaerobic treatment lagoons, and runoff retention structures.

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Small AFO VTS Demonstrations

Spray Application

The Animal Feeding Operation, also called the Livestock Producer Environmental Assistance Project (LPEAP), provides financial and technical assistance to small livestock producers who are concerned about protecting water quality and preserving the environment, but are exempt from current regulatory requirements.

The project purpose is to construct on-farm demonstration sites that minimize environmental risk using new concepts and alternative technologies. All demonstration projects are available for viewing by all producers.

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Design Tools for Small AFOs

This spreadsheet design tool is used to assist the Sprinkler Vegetative Treatment System  engineer in determining the flow rate, pipeline friction losses, elevation losses, pump capacity, and required horsepower for the pump station. This tool also evaluates the water flow characteristics in the towable sprinkler  system.  Here individual nozzle performance is evaluated along with tube friction loss and water velocity.

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Demonstration Projects

Demonstration Projects Video Thumbnail
Videos and resources on vegetative treatment areas, wetlands, low water stream crossings, and water quality projects.

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Design Videos for Small AFOs

Screenshot from one of the Design Videos
Watch this series of six videos for information on planning a Vegetative Treatment System on a small AFO.

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